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“Tangible or Intangible,
Any Designs are Eligible”

Application, construction, home appliance, apparel, vehicl, initiative, infrastructure, media content, business model, medical device, website, etc.

Support Child's Development by Locals [Magical Dagashiya Tyrol-Do]
Design System [LINE Design System]
Campaign Branding [Gegen den Tod: Bold against death!]
Truly Wireless Earbuds [LinkBuds]
Bamboo pavilion [MLR Polo Pavilion]
Motorized Mount [Matterport Axis]
Monument [Plaplamonument /Photo flame, Post box, Public telephone]
Hands-free personal mobility [UNI-ONE]
Community engagement public art installation [Siu Kai Fong]
Laptop PC [Dell XPS 13 Plus]
Game Console and Controller [Xbox Adaptive Controller / Xbox Series X / S]
Traditional Japanese playing cards [Sakanakaruta]
TV-Program [I love “ME”]
Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display System [Magic Leap 2]

As the word of “design” and its roles penetrate and the importance of design to the society grows, GOOD DESIGN AWARD has witnessed increasingly broader range of subject entries and applicants. From industrial products, architecture and interior design to solutions to social or regional issues, new communication systems, media, business development and so on, as long as it is created for people, society or environment, they would be eligible, no matter the design is tangible or intangible.

Award Values

GOOD DESIGN AWARD has been established for more than 60 years since 1957. The questionnaire survey of the award winners revealed that the high recognition of G Mark in Japan and its contribution to the development of Japanese design has brought various positive effects to the award winners.

Effects of Winning the Award

Increase the popularity: 69.5% / Increase the motivation of the related people: 68.0% / Increase the credibility with the customers and business partners 63.2%


Improve presence and evaluation within the company


Got new customer


Increase sales

November, 2022 n=269

Feedback from the winners

  • Not only did we increase media coverage and inquiries, but we also increased the motivation of those involved and brand awareness, and promoted new developments. (Advertising, Publishing, Printing)

  • The award has brought us a different evaluation than the sales performance, and we are now discussing the development of the second generation of products. (Manufacturing)

  • According to the sales department, when the customer learned that we won the award, the attitude in the negotiation changed obviously. We are very pleased to be a candidate for the award. (Information, Communication)

Award Benefits

Collection to the online award gallery with 5 million visitors per year

Awarded works will be displayed in Japan's largest design exhibition database, which has collected all awarded works since 1957 and is used by 5 million visitors per year.

Using G Mark to promote sales

G Mark can be used in a wide range of promotional activities such as press release, SNS, and product packaging (over 80% recognition rate in Japan*).

*Survey conducted in February 2020 n=2,100

Receiving expert evaluations

All awarded works will receive an “valuation” from design experts in Japan and abroad and can be used in various promotional activities.

Access to Japanese TV, newspaper and international media exposure

In addition to the exposure opportunities in Japanese media, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, as an internationally renowned design award, will also receive high attention from international media.

Expand channels for retail stores and online sales

Have the opportunity to sell in retail stores and online stores that only sell award-winning items.

Participating in the award exhibition and award celebration

Winners will be able to participate in the award exhibition in Tokyo Midtown, where all the awarded works will be displayed, and will also be invited to the award ceremony and other awards celebration events, where they can interact with the jury members and other winners.


Founded in 1957

Its precursor, the Good Design Selection System (or G Mark System) was founded by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

From 45 Countries and Regions

Held annually by public application, GOOD DESIGN AWARD is an international design award gathering entries from 45 countries and regions.

Results of 2022

Awarded: 1,560 Entries: 5,715

Approx. 90 Judges

The screening is implemented with about 90 leading designers, architects or other professionals from Japan or overseas as jury members.

83.6%* of Domestic Recognition Rate

The recognition rate of “GOOD DESIGN AWARD” and “G Mark”, the symbol of winning the award is respectively 83.6% and 81.0%. It’s a well-known design award and beneficial for promotion in Japan.

*Survey conducted in February 2020 n=2,100

G Mark: 81.0% / GOOD DESIGN AWARD:: 3.6%

How to Entry


Entry must be available for users to purchase or use by March 31, 2024, and can be made public on October 5, 2023, the day of the announcement of award winners.

Entry Method

Create an account for the entry site

All application procedures for GOOD DESIGN AWARD are accepted online only. Applicants applying for GOOD DESIGN AWARD for the first time need to create a new account. Please register through the “Sign Up” below. Applicants who applied for GOOD DESIGN AWARD in the past are able to continue using their existing accounts.

Sign up for an account via email first

Application procedures on the entry site

After signing up for an account, log in to the entry site and submit information for the entries.

Screening Fee

The 1st screening is 11,000JPY, the 2nd screening fee is 60,500JPY, the applicant becomes a candidate for GOOD DESIGN AWARD after passing the 2nd screening, the award package fee is 165,000JPY, totaling 236,500JPY.

1st screening fee 11,000 JPY → 2nd screening fee 60,500 JPY → Award package fee 165,000 JPY → Total 236,500 JPY

*The award package fee includes the display fee for one unit space in the award exhibition, the award gallery on the official website and the publication fee for the yearbook. In addition, each awarded work will receive a certificate, a yearbook and the opportunity to attend the award ceremony. *Additional fees may be incurred for the 2nd screening and the award exhibition for energized works, large works, etc.

Screening Method

[1st Screening]
Judging by documents based on the information registered by applicants.

1st Screening

[2nd Screening]
Judging by physical products that jury members can touch and experience.

2nd Screening