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ASEAN Design Selection 2003

Screening of the ASEAN Design Selection Award for Fiscal 2003

Eligible Products
Under this project, JDP is looking for internationally competitive products with designs that fully utilize the materials and technologies of the ASEAN region, as well as the life and cultures that form their background.
The following product categories are recognized:

(1) Furniture and interior furnishings
(2) Exterior furnishings
(3) Tableware and Everyday Goods
(4) Packaged Food Products

The project follows the following three steps: (1) Counterparts in each country seek applicants from among companies and designers in their country. (2) 6 Good Design Award jury members from Japan travel to each country, conduct the screening, and decide which products will receive the award. Screening in some countries collaborated with local designers as jury. (3) The award-winning products are brought together for exhibition and a publicity campaign is conducted.
Entries are judged according to the Good Design Award screening criteria. Since the main aim of this project is to encourage introduction to the Japanese market, an additional criterion has been established concerning the significance of a product entering the Japanese market with the G-Mark attached.
Interviews are also held with the applicants for all designs being judged, and the results are communicated either through seminars or one-by-one discussion.

Circumstances of Applications and Awards
The circumstances of applications from the ASEAN countries and awards to their products were as follows:
The standards for submission from the various countries were on a high level, differing very little from the Good Design Award in Japan. The companies and designers that submitted entries also displayed remarkable enthusiasm.
Project activities in Cambodia and Laos for the present fiscal year consisted solely of introducing Japanese design and holding seminars to attract participants in the Good Design Award.

  Jury Screening
Brunei Shinichi Yamamura 2/25, 26 3 1
Cambodia Akiko Moriyama 2/27 - -
Indonesia Coco Funabiki 2/24, 25 8 4
Laos Tetsuyuki Hirano 2/20 - -
Malaysia Shinichi Yamamura,
Chiaki Murata,
Suleiman Salleh
2/25, 26 42 18
The Philippines Coco Funabiki,
Joey Yupangco
3/10, 11 23 8
Singapore Shinichi Yamamura,
Chiaki Murata
2/28 2 2
Thailand Tetsuyuki Hirano 2/24, 25 67 7
Toshiharu Horikoshi 3/3 12 3
(Ho Chi Minh)
Toshiharu Horikoshi 3/6 12 0
Total     169 43