Product Category / Family Use Group

Pot / Juttoku-nabe
Applicant: miyazaki seisakusho co.,ltd

This is a stackable cooking pot with a detachable handle. Its three-layer, all-aluminum core allows use even with a 200V heat source. One lid can be used for the three different sizes of pot, which allows compact storage. The detachable handle can be locked or completely removed in a position separate from the pot. Since it can be removed during cooking, there is no danger of scorching it or having it get in the way. Even the flange on the pot can be used as a handle. This no-frills product is designed with painstaking attention to the cooking environment and serves as a consummate standard tool that facilitates everyday life.

Product Category / Family Use Group

Applicant: K.K AIDA (KAGURA)
Designer: Sadao Aida, K.K.AIDA

This is a stackable wooden stool. Elegantly adapting traditional Japanese joining technology, this is a simple, beautifully expressive piece of furniture which yet has a weighty presence. In a departure from the interior products that have recently been in vogue, the warmth of unpainted, naturally varnished wood represents a rethinking of the meaning of furniture in the living environment. Our committee naturally praised the expressiveness of this simple, beautiful peace of furniture, but it was also impressed with the honest, painstaking, professional craftsmanship.

Product Category / Family Use Group

Lever Handle , Interior Hardwear / Agaho IV
Applicant: WEST
Designer: Mitsunobu Hozumi, Mutsumi Hozumi, hozmi design

This is a series of interior aluminum hardware. The series of hardware accessories, exemplified by a lever handle, embodies a simple, basic form, which serves as one of the structural elements of a space. The Committee praised the way in which the way in which the hardware made use of the feeling offered by aluminum materials, offered simple shapes with a sense of unity, and the honest, attractive design that gives full consideration to the space.

The triple cross panel of Japanese cedar / J PANEL
Applicant: Co-op Length
Designer: Ms Architects/ Yasuhiko Misawa

A panel of pure native Japanese cedar used as an industrial product. By ridding panels of their regrettable tendencies to bend, warp, and shrink, the company has succeeded in creating a high-quality structural material. In addition to preserving its functions of regulating humidity, maintaining a consistent temperature, blocking noise, and preventing overheating in indoor environments, it is also suited for a variety of purposes. The same board can be used for laying groundwork, construction, and finishing, which leads to overall cost reductions in new housing. We gave the company high marks for developing a superior and effective method of making use of small and medium diameter trees and providing a high-quality, healthful building material.